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Tips For Buying Polo Shirts For Work

by Clifford Fowler

Polo shirts can be an extremely popular garment to wear while working. In addition to looking nice and professional, these shirts can also be extremely comfortable for the wearer. However, people will often overlook some key steps involved with buying and caring for polo shirts.

Take Advantage Of Wholesale Sellers

Unfortunately, polo shirts can be relatively expensive, and this can lead to some individuals avoiding buying enough of these shirts for their job. However, individuals may find that they can get high-quality shirts by opting for a wholesale retailer. These businesses will often have name-brand polos at a drastically reduced price compared to more traditional retailers. Some individuals will assume that all polo shirt wholesalers will only work with commercial buyers. Yet, there are many wholesalers that are open to the public, which can allow you to enjoy these sizable savings.

Avoid Cotton Polo Work Shirts

The materials that are used in your polo shirts can be another critical factor to review when buying these garments. Individuals will often assume that cotton will be the best material to use in these shirts. However, cotton shirts can have a relatively short usable lifespan for those that will be wearing them frequently. Additionally, they can become hot and soaked in sweat when the wearer is engaged in strenuous activities. Dri-Fit is a blended polyester material that will be able to stay cooler than cotton, and it can be more resistant to showing water marks from absorbing sweat. As a result, shirts that use this material can be the best choice for many individuals that are needing to buy polo shirts for while they are busy at work.

Air Dry Your Polo Shirts

One of the most common mistakes when caring for polo shirts will be putting them in a dryer after they have been washed. The heat from the dryer can cause the collar of the shirt to warp, and this can be extremely difficult to correct once it has occurred. By air drying the collared polo shirt, you will be able to avoid exposing it to the type of heat that could cause the collar to warp and curl at the ends. You can help to speed up this drying process by positioning a fan to blow air over the shirt as this will move moist air away from the fabric rapidly enough to speed up the drying process by a considerable amount of time. For those in extremely humid environments, placing a dehumidifier near the shirt can remove much of the moisture from the humid air so the drying process can speed up.

Keep these tips in mind and look for a supplier who sells unisex Dri-Fit polo collared shirts wholesale.