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Are You Eager To Buy Some New Clothes For Your Grandkids? 4 Tips To Pick Out The Perfect Designer Clothing At A Resale Shop

by Clifford Fowler

Being a grandparent is filled with joys that include being able to once again buy those adorable tiny outfits that just make you want to say, "awww." Although your grandchildren may be naturally cute, there is something about seeing them in a lovely dress or shirt that you don't see every day in the typical retail stores. Resale designer children's clothing is perfect for everything from your grandchild's first day of school to a romp in the park, and you can pick out the best pieces for your family's wardrobe by using these four simple tips.

Choose the Right Resale Shop

Resale designer children's clothing can come in a variety of different levels of quality. You can avoid the headache of having to return pieces that are stained or ripped by choosing to shop through a store that has a solid reputation. Feel free to check out their consignment and resell policies to make sure that they only accept clothing in near perfect condition. In fact, you might even be able to find clothing with the tags still on. 

Get Their Sizes

Designer clothing can sometimes have different sizes compared to mass produced items. Start by asking for your grandchildren's general sizes, and consider also taking some measurements. This can help you to get the best fit possible. When in doubt, try going up a size. Your grandchildren can always grow into the outfit, or you can have it tailored for a perfect fit. You can also check with the shop to find out if a specific label tends to run big or small.

Think a Season or Two Ahead

Many people sell their children's clothing at the end of the season when it is no longer needed. This means that you can often find some of the best pieces in a shop months before your grandchildren might actually want to wear them. Consider picking out that spring dress for next year at the end of this season. Being able to shop months in advance also helps you to have time to select additional items for special events such as family photos. 

Don't Forget Accessories

Resale designer children clothes do not stop at shirts and dresses. You'll also be able to find lovely accessories such as headbands, bows, and shoes at your resale shop that help to add an extra special touch to any outfit. As you pick out items, give the accessories sections a look to see if there are any matches.

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