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3D Garment Creation Solutions — Benefits For Aspiring Fashion Designers

by Clifford Fowler

If you're an aspiring fashion designer, you have access to many incredible tools today. One of the most promising is 3D garment creation, which offers the following advantages for those in your position.

Shorten Production Time

Every fashion designer is on a deadline. They must get new clothes out by a specific date because otherwise, they could spend a lot more money. Using 3D garment creation solutions, you'll reduce production time significantly. 

Rather than hand-drawing outfits and fine-tuning them for weeks, 3D software solutions let you generate garments on digital avatars. What may have taken you hours can be accomplished in minutes thanks to 3D design software. 

As long as you have a clear vision of the garments you want to make, you can start production in no time after your ideas are refined and approved.  

Avoid Physical Samples

Physical samples are standard when developing new clothes in a traditional way. They let you verify that your designs are appropriate before new clothing gets green-lit for production. Unfortunately, garment samples cost money. 

If you don't have a big budget for them, opt to use 3D garment creation solutions. Since the created 3D garments are so detailed, these virtual models may be the only resources you need to prove fashion concepts and designs. 

Like physical samples, 3D models clearly represent a garment's colors, textures, and dimensions. Just make sure you use software capable of providing photorealistic models to avoid garment samples altogether. 

Facilitate Pre-Sales

Pre-sales are instrumental to your fashion design business because they give you an idea of how a piece of clothing will sell, whether it's a jacket, denim jeans, or sweatpants. You can facilitate pre-sales effectively by using 3D garment creation solutions.

Three-dimensional rendering software lets you create realistic pieces of clothing using virtual models. After fine-tuning them to your best abilities, you can put them on your company website and show what's in the pipeline. 

Once they see these models on your website, customers know what they're getting and will have more confidence when they place their order. 

Working as a beginner fashion designer is an exciting career that can take you to many places worldwide. To give yourself the best opportunity to thrive in the fashion space, consider investing in 3D garment creation solutions. Once you get familiar with said technology, you can make realistic garment models that impact so many operations of your fashion design career.   

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