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Three School Uniform Alterations to Get for Your Child

by Clifford Fowler

If your child attends a school that mandates the wearing of uniforms, you're likely proud of how your son or daughter looks when they head off to school each morning. While there's little doubt that a school uniform can help to make a child look their best, there may come a time during the school year that one of your child's garments no longer fits right. One option is to buy a replacement, but doing so can be expensive. Instead, think about bringing the ill-fitting clothing to a local clothing alteration service. An alteration professional can alter the garment to ensure that it fits properly. Here are some alterations that may be necessary.

Pant Leg Lengthening

Your child may have hit a growth spurt during the school year, which means that the uniform pants that fit them well at the start of the year now look too short. By the second semester, the cuffs of the pants may be roughly at the ankles, which can look embarrassing. Provided that the school uniform pants were cuffed with extra material, your alteration specialist can let the fabric out to lengthen the pants. This simple process will ensure the pants fit properly without you having to buy a new pair.

Pant and Skirt Waist Adjustments

Boys and girls can experience weight changes over the course of the school year. Whether your child wears pants or a skirt to school, they may begin to complain about tightness. In many cases, your alteration professional will be able to take out the waist to make the garment roomier. Conversely, the alteration service can also take in a waist if the garment is too loose. This may be necessary if your child has lost weight — perhaps as a result of playing on a school sports team.

Uniform Jacket Adjustments

Your child likely wears a jacket with their school uniform most of the days of the week, so it's important for this garment to fit well. There are many different alterations that your local alteration service may need to make. A jacket that is slightly too large can look sloppy, so your alteration professional can shorten the cuffs or tailor the jacket to be slightly similar. If your child's jacket is too long for their body, it's often possible to also shorten the body of the jacket.

If you would rather fix your child's school uniform, consider working with services that provide alterations for clothing.