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Are You Filling Your Lingerie Drawers?

by Clifford Fowler

Maybe you've decided that it's time to get all new undies. Do you have a plan where you do that every few months, or maybe once a year? If you're in a shopping mood, you might be frustrated that you can't go shopping because of the current health crisis. No worries, you can buy everything you need online in the comfort of your own home and have the items delivered to your address.

Have you already made a list of things you want to buy? If so, you probably don't need to keep reading. But, if you're looking for ideas, read on for some good shopping tips.

Go With Cotton! You don't have to wear silk to feel feminine and a bit sexy. Instead, think about buying luxury cotton nightwear and other cotton lingerie items. You'll have both beauty and comfort together. 

Are you a nightgown type person? If so, you'll find many styles.

  • For a classic look, choose a long white nightgown.
  • For something fun and flirty, choose black short pajamas with a tunic style top.
  • Cotton nightshirts that come in fun patterns and pretty colors are another great buy for night wear. 

Buy Cotton Lingerie! Besides cotton sleepwear, think about buying several bra and panty sets that will be perfect to wear with your outfits. For instance, if you have a favorite black silk blouse, wearing a white bra might not be that attractive, as the white will show through the silk fabric. Instead, select a black cotton bra. Even if others can see the outline of your new black bra, it won't be a big deal. 

The opposite will be true when you wear white capris, shorts, and slacks this spring and summer. You'll want white undies that won't show. Select panties that have a vanishing edge at the waist and that don't show a panty lineIn fact, if you've thought that thong underwear looks uncomfortable, maybe you should give it a try. It might surprise you as the most comfortable undies you've ever worn. And, the added bonus is that for sure there won't be a panty lineAn especially fun purchase will be a bodysuit that has a bra as part of the design. 

Besides being attractive and comfortable, luxury sleepwear and lingerie comes in prices that will match your budget. Cotton is a tried-and-true fabric that washes and dries well, which makes it perfect for any trips you are planning in the future.