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Get These Types Of Dri-Fit Apparel For Your Team's Special Games

by Clifford Fowler

If you're ordering custom dri-fit apparel for your sports team, you'll generally opt for garments and accessories in one or more of the team's colors. For example, if you have blue and white uniforms, you might get compression shirts, compression shorts, arm sleeves, and other gear in these colors — and with your team's logo or name on them, too. There will be other times throughout your team's season that you may wish to wear dri-fit apparel in different colors. Here are some types of clothing to buy based on what your season schedule looks like.


A lot of professional, college and amateur sports teams wear pink accents with their uniforms to honor women. For example, if you're playing on Mother's Day, you might like the idea of choosing some pink apparel to pay tribute to the players' mothers. If October falls during your season, you might wish to wear pink during your games to reflect the fact that this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Your custom dri-fit apparel supplier can produce some pink apparel with your team name or logo that your players can wear for these occasions.


Another option that you might wish to explore is wearing patriotic-themed dri-fit apparel for certain games during your season. For example, if your team plays a game on Independence Day, dri-fit gear that features a red, white, and blue theme and some stars and stripes will almost certainly be popular among your players. For example, a baseball or softball player might wish to wear this type of design on a long-sleeved compression shirt beneath his or her uniform. A soccer player may like the look of patriotic-themed compression tights under his or her shorts. Many of your fans on Independence Day will be wearing patriotic attire, so it's nice for your players to have a similar look when they play.


You may also wish to explore getting some custom dri-fit apparel made up in a camouflage motif. This may be a type of look that you want your team to wear on Memorial Day, which is a day devoted to honoring fallen members of the armed forces. A basketball player could wear a camouflage arm sleeve, for example, while a football player might opt for a camouflage long-sleeved compression shirt. There's little doubt that revealing these options to your team at the start of the season will be exciting for the players.

To learn more information, contact a clothing company near you that provides custom dri fit apparel.