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Three Things That Can Give A Denim Skirt A Modest Look

by Clifford Fowler

A dark denim skirt can be a highly versatile garment to have in your wardrobe. It can be suitable to wear in a variety of scenarios, including to work, to family gatherings, and simply when you're running errands and want to look stylish. If you're shopping online for a dark denim skirt, you might have your mind set on choosing a garment that offers a modest appearance. Perhaps you have religious beliefs that encourage you to avoid dressing provocatively, or maybe you simply like to avoid showing too much skin. Fortunately, you'll have no trouble finding a denim skirt that suits your modest mindset. Here are some factors that can give this garment a modest appearance.

Longer Length

One of the biggest factors that can influence how modest a denim skirt appears is its length. While many denim skirts are likely too short for your taste, you shouldn't have trouble finding a garment that has a longer length. Denim skirts are available in many different lengths, so you can choose one that suits your sense of style. For some people, this could be at the knee or slightly above it. For others, a skirt that sits several inches below the knee may be a preferable look.

Non-Distressed Fabric

Another factor that you'll want to consider as you shop for a modest dark denim skirt is whether or not the fabric is distressed. Many clothing manufacturer produce distressed denim garments — these are products that may have torn sections, small holes, or otherwise appear as though they've had extensive use. Give some thought to how you view distressed clothing. If you're keen on shopping for modest garments, you may feel that distressed attire is a little too flashy for your tastes — especially when a garment is distressed to the point that it will reveal skin beneath it. If so, focus on a skirt that isn't distressed at all.

Lack Of Decorative Elements

Some denim skirts can have a variety of decorative elements on them that may appeal to some wearers, but not to you. For example, you'll often find skirts that have elaborate stitching. Instead of simple stitches in straight lines, the skirt may have patterned stitched sections that give it a lively appearance. Similarly, some denim skirts have beads, sequins, or other decorative elements sewn on in various areas. If you're keen on a modest look, you'll likely want to choose a denim skirt that doesn't have either of these types of decorative elements.