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3 Materials For Bathing Suits That Won't Hurt The Planet

by Clifford Fowler

What do you look for in a bathing suit? Most people look for a cut that flatters their body type, and a color that flatters their complexion. There's one more thing you should focus on when shopping for swimwear: the material. More specifically, you want a bathing suit made from a material that won't harm the earth. So which materials fall into that category? Take a look.


Econyl is a type of synthetic material that is made from recycled nylon. It has a nice stretch, which makes it a good choice for swimwear, and it also sheds water and dries pretty quickly. Since the nylon used to make it has already been repurposed once, you can feel good about your purchase helping to reduce the amount of plastic being sent to landfills. Some Econyl swimwear may even tell you exactly what the product is made from, such as old vinyl fencing, used PVC pipes, or vinyl scraps from making ropes and the like.


A bathing suit made from bamboo may sound really odd and alternative, but nobody will really know your bathing suit is made from bamboo unless you tell them. When cut into really fine threads that are then woven into fabric, bamboo looks like most any other material. Its one downfall is that it doesn't hold onto color well, so most bamboo bathing suits are a neutral color. However, bamboo can be grown without pesticides or herbicides, making it a really green product in comparison to other plants used to make fabric, such as cotton.

Recycled Rubber

Swimwear made from rubber has a specific look, but it is a flattering look for many people. It is a little thicker than your average swimwear, which allows it to add more support. Recycled rubber comes from old tires, old rubber roofing, and similar items. This swimwear is often black, but thankfully that is a versatile and popular choice for swimwear. It does not absorb water at all, so you can towel dry yourself and be instantly dry after swimming! Its downfall is that it can be pretty warm to wear when you are sunbathing and not in the water.

The three materials above can make very wearable and good-looking swimwear. If you want to feel good about your sustainability efforts every time you step foot in the water, definitely buy swimwear made from one of these earth-friendly materials. 

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