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Mary Jane Tap Shoes Help Dancers Transition To More Challenging Routines

by Clifford Fowler

Dancing provides many young people with the chance to show off their skills and athleticism in a way that other competitions cannot. And few of these dancing types are as challenging as tap dance. As a result, many young dancers may find themselves struggling with this expressive and musical dance style. Thankfully, Mary Jane–style shoes can help them ease into this dance style.

Tap Dance Provides Unique Expressive Opportunities

Young dancers looking to expand their routines into expressive and exciting realms often choose tap dancing because of its unique approach. Tap dancers not only utilize fun and impressive dance moves but also use music in a fun way. Skilled tappers can create rhythms and melodies with their dancing in a way that other dancers cannot. In this way, it is often a significant challenge for new dancers.

Much of this challenge comes not only from the dancing but the shoes as well. Tap dancing shoes require a lot of practice to get right, and some young tappers may find themselves giving up before they have mastered this exciting art. As a result, it may be necessary to try out a type of tap dancing shoe that is designed for beginners. One of the most common of these is the Mary Jane–style shoe.

How Mary Jane Tap Shoes Help

Mary Jane shoes are comfortable to identify because they almost always have a bow on top of the foot tied out of a ribbon. They are designed to fit very comfortably to the foot in a way that provides extra support. This enhanced level of strength helps to keep the dancer secure on their feet, which is critical for new dancers who may struggle to tap successfully or who may not have the skills needed just yet.

Just as importantly, most tap dance instructors understand these types of shoes and can teach a young dancer how to tap rhythmically and musically. In this way, it is possible for younger tappers to feel confident and successful with their dances. Critically, these shoes can also be easily swapped with other shoes later to give the dancer more freedom of movement and creativity.

And dancers can also use Mary Jane tap shoes even after they've gained a higher skill level. That's because these shoes still provide extra strength and support and may be beneficial for dancers recovering from an injury or surgery on their feet. Look for tap shoes in your area to see what's available.