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Stylish Pieces You Need For Summer Staycations

by Clifford Fowler

If going away on vacation isn't in your summer plans, treat yourself to the comforts and joys of a "staycation." Even if you are staying at home, you still need a few great garments and accessories to wear during this time.

Treat yourself to these stylish pieces for your summer staycation.

A Great Big Tote

You must have a large, summery bag for summer outings, activities, and beach time; make it a fun, nautical tote bag to get in the mood for the season. Choose bold, vibrant colors and faux leather or vinyl bags that will repel water and that are big enough to hold all your stuff. 

Multi-Purpose Sarong

For versatility, you can't go wrong with a sarong. There are so many ways to wear a sarong, from a cute cover-up or shawl to a full-length dress or toga; choose a vibrant print that coordinates with your usual summer outfits for the most options.

Sweet New Swimsuit

This is the perfect time for a new swimsuit or tankini. If you are staying at home, let practicality go and choose something outside your usual comfort zone; consider the wide range of suits and separates available through online merchants and boutiques, too.

Sumptuous Spa Socks

Treat yourself to something special with a simple pair of spa socks. Typically, these are super-soft socks that have gel liners or are saturated with gel to be worn after the tub or swimming. Wear a pair overnight and your feet will be soft and hydrated in the morning.

Light Linen Pants

Choose a pair of soft, light linen pants to wear all summer long. Go with sizing that allows them to be slightly slouchy but know that linen does relax with wear and becomes a looser fit. Consider crisp white or a natural ivory color for versatility.

Super Strappy Sandals

What would summer be without strappy sandals? Choose strappy flats or slight heels that make your manicure and legs look fantastic. This is not the time to be practical; go chic!

Organic Cotton Tees

True organic cotton is soft to the touch and so comfortable to wear. Invest in a pile of organic cotton tees in a range of colors for summer layering and everyday wear. Plus, cotton washes well and is durable.

Got plans to get away? These garments and accessories are also perfect for impromptu getaways or destination holidays. Visit online retailers and shops to find exactly what you need.

Get your closet ready for summer staycations with these fun and stylish items. From the nautical tote to organic cotton tees, you will be ready to lounge and entertain all season, in style.

For more information about accessories like faux leather nautical tote bags, contact a local retailer.