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Two Tips For Women Who Want To Update Their Closets

by Clifford Fowler

If you're on a quest to update your closet, you should try following this advice.

Visit a clothing boutique in person

While it is very easy to order clothes online, it might be better for you to visit a boutique in person. There are a few reasons why this could help you. Firstly, because boutiques tend to be smaller than clothing store chains, they usually have a curated selection of stylish clothing; this means that you will not have to wade through rails and rails (or in the case of online shopping, pages and pages) of unappealing garments before finding a beautiful piece. This matters because you are likely to get discouraged and not buy anything if you're presented with too many unsuitable items.

Secondly, the modest size of a boutique also usually means that they are quieter than bigger clothing stores. Because of this, a boutique's staff members are not constantly inundated with requests for help from customers and will, therefore, have time to assist you when you're trying on clothes. For example, they can advise you to try on a garment in several different sizes (and also fetch the garments in the other sizes for you), recommend pairing a particular garment with another item, and offer suggestions if you tell them you need a specific type of clothing for an event. This guidance from people who are knowledgeable about style and fashion could be hugely helpful if you find choosing new clothes a bit daunting and get overwhelmed when shopping in bigger stores or online by yourself.

Don't settle for things that are just "ok"

If you want the clothes that you buy to make you feel beautiful and stylish, then you have to be prepared to say no to purchasing garments that are "fine" rather than amazing. For example, you might find a dress in a cut that's fairly flattering but that is in a color that makes you look slightly pale and sickly instead of vibrant. This is not the type of item you want in your closet.

When you are perusing the rails in the boutique, you should only veer towards items that are in hues that you know work with your natural coloring, and you should only try them on if, after examining the fabric, you can tell that the stitching is done to a high standard and the material is high-quality. When the garment has met your criteria, you can try it on. If, after trying it on, you find that although it fits, it is not especially flattering, do not buy it.

The only time you should make an exception to the last rule is if the garment has a minor flaw that would be easy for you to fix. For example, if you find a sweater that is perfect in every way except for the fact that the sleeves are slightly too long and cover your hands, you could simply shorten them by carefully cutting off the surplus material and sewing up the seams.

To learn more, contact a women's boutique.