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3 Features To Look For When Buying A Cleavage Cover To Add To Your Wardrobe

by Clifford Fowler

Every gal should have a cleavage cover-up in their wardrobe arsenal. They can come in handy whether trying to cover up under a beautiful dress that seems to show a little too much cleavage, or you just want to stay warm on a chilly evening during a date. Here are a few features to look for when you're choosing a new cleavage cover to spend your money on:

Multiple Fastening Options

One important feature to look for when choosing a new cleavage cover-up for your wardrobe is multiple fastening options. Some cleavage covers clip-on, some need to be taped on, and others are worn overhead like a camisole. Your new cover should be able to do at least a couple of these things. Depending on what you want to wear, you may need more or less coverage, or you might require a specific type of fasteners because clips or tape won't work.

So, the cleavage cover you choose should come with multiple fasteners that can be attached to the cover and to your bra or clothing depending on what you're wearing to ensure that it will look good whether you have a dress, a low cut shirt, or a tank top on.

Easy Cleaning Instructions

Cleavage covers are made of many different types of materials, so they can't all be cared for in the same way. Some may require dry cleaning, while others must be hand washed. Then there are those that can be thrown in the washer right along with all the other laundry. You should consider how much time and what kind of care you can commit to before choosing a cleavage cover up to invest in.

If you already routinely take stuff to the dry cleaners, you may not mind adding another item of clothing to the pile. But if you don't have a lot of time to spend on laundry throughout the week, a machine-washable option might be best for you. Make sure you read the complete care instructions of any cleavage cover you think about buying before making a final purchase decision.

A Clear Return Policy

Another important thing to look for when choosing a new cleavage cover-up for your wardrobe is a clear return policy. You need to know what should be done if you decide that you don't like the color, design, size, or quality of the product once you get it home. Are you able to return the product if you wear it for a day and find that it's uncomfortable, or are only products that haven't been worn returnable?

And if you do return the cover, will you get your money back, or is your return exchangeable only for store credit? Ensure that you completely understand the return policy before buying your cleavage cover, so you don't end up wasting your money when all is said and done.