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A Look At Women's Empowerment In Fashion

by Clifford Fowler

What is women's empowerment? 

Women's empowerment focuses on letting women have power in every decision making aspect of their lives, their communities, social circles, and nations. Women's empowerment seeks to make women powerful players in every part of society. It is the belief that every woman has a voice and light to contribute to the world, and that empowering women will lead to greater progress, prosperity, and fulfillment for all of society. 

Women's Empowerment and the Fashion Industry 

Feminism and the women's rights movement have always been concerned with fashion because fashion controls how the world sees you, and that visual statement is a kind of power. From refusing to wear bras to donning sharp power suits with killer shoulder pads, every decade of the fight for women's equality has engaged with fashion. Fashion is a great way to take a stand. 

What do women's empowerment clothing brands have to offer? 

Today there are more options than ever, and women's empowerment clothing brands give women choices. Here are a few of the most important things that a women's empowerment fashion line can provide: 

  • Women's empowerment clothing brands are usually always owned, designed, created, and marketed by women. Supporting a female-run company directly helps the move to a women's led fashion industry. 

  • Women-led fashion companies often make a point to hire women and pay them a fair wage, so that when you buy from them you are actually helping empower women across the world. 

  • Many women's empowerment clothing lines are closely connected to charity projects, and some lines even donate to important causes with a part of the proceeds from each purchase. 

  • Women's empowerment clothing is made for real women and doesn't box women in, but instead, it offers great fashion to women of all sizes, races, and ages.  

  • Women's empowerment brands often use eco-friendly and sustainable methods of production that help save the environment and make the world a little better to live in.

What kinds of clothes do women's empowerment brands sell? 

You can find just about anything in any style from a women's empowerment brand. Some companies offer unique styles that reflect the culture that the designers or seamstresses come from. Other brands showcase the latest trends and styles while some focus on athleisure lines. Many brands sell casual and comfortable graphic t-shirts with fun witticisms or cool memes that will set you apart from the crowd. Contact a company that offers women's empowerment fashion for more information.