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Compact Glasses That Will Improve Readability

by Clifford Fowler

Reading a medicine's packaging or enjoying a book can prove to be difficult if you begin experiencing signs associated with farsightedness. If you are looking for a quick and convenient solution that will aid you in everyday struggles, purchase a pair of compact reading glasses and some accessories.

Prescription Versus Non-Prescription

Optometrists treat a variety of conditions, including nearsightedness and farsightedness. Purchasing a pair of reading glasses through an optometrist will ensure that a prescription is accurate. A person may be able to see up close better in one eye than the other. For this reason, buying readers that contain prescription-strength lenses will guarantee that a consumer will be able to see magnified items sufficiently.

Non-prescription reading glasses are sold through many retailers. This type of eyewear is typically less expensive than prescription glasses, due to the omittance of an eye test. Non-prescription glasses will contain a frame and two lenses.

Each lens will possess the same strength. For anyone who is experiencing a slight or moderate obstruction to their vision, a compact pair of magnifying glasses will be helpful. Consumers can try on compact glasses styles at any retail shop that sells this type of eyewear and can find a pair that suits their face shape and personal style.

Compact Styles and Accessories

Compact magnification reading glasses may be foldable or possess small lenses that are lightweight. Plastic or glass lenses can be coated with a layer that will provide protection against scratches or ultraviolet rays. Some lenses are treated to reduce reflections, which can be extremely helpful when a wearer is subjected to bright lights that could potentially be distracting. Foldable glasses can fit into a zippered pouch or a standard glasses case.

Foldable and non-foldable styles may possess a design that will support the use of a clip or a neckband. With either of these accessories, you will be able to proactively protect your new glasses from damage and loss. Compact glasses are lightweight and are suitable for use every day. In addition to standard accessories, cleaning cloths and a glasses repair kit are two items that will aid with keeping your lenses clean and ensuring that the frames remain attached to them.

Cleaning cloths are sold through optometry businesses and through some mainstream retailers. The use of a cloth involves wiping each lens off on a daily basis. This action will remove debris and assist with maintaining the integrity of each lens.