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Shop For Crushed Velvet Formalwear And Accessories

by Clifford Fowler

Velvet is a textile that consists of multiple layers that are bound tightly together to provide the fabric with its softness and sheen. Crushed velvet is mechanically pressed and twisted during the production process. This operation results in the fabric pile laying in multiple directions. As such, a crushed velvet garment may appear to have a slightly wrinkled surface.

Common Uses For Crushed Velvet

Crushed velvet is often used to manufacture window coverings, formalwear, and intimate apparel. A genuine velvet product consists of silk threads that are woven in a horizontal pattern. Velveteen possesses many of the same features as velvet but is produced with a vertical weave.

If you will be attending a formal event this winter, purchasing a crushed velvet gown and some accessories may interest you. Velvet is a breathable fabric that possesses moderate moisture-wicking abilities.

Styles And Care Techniques

A ball gown may contain a fitted bodice, a ruffled flounce, and a full or flowing skirt. A skirt that is tapered and that contains a slit will give a garment a slightly sophisticated style. If you haven't worn any velvet products before and are concerned about how weighty the fabric will be, shop for a cocktail dress or one that features a modest length and short sleeves.

Consider how much you may be required to move while wearing the new attire. If an event is being held in a climate-controlled environment and you will be seated for the duration of the gathering, you may want to choose a long style dress that will make an impact when you enter and exit the premises

If there will be a lot of socializing going on and you may be dancing and walking around a lot, choose a crushed velvet product that is short in length and that does not contain full sleeves. For a night event that is going to cater solely to an adult crowd, look for a dress that contains a plunging neckline, spaghetti straps, and a relatively long slit in the skirt of the garment.

A velvet-wrapped headband and a velvet choker that contains a pendant attachment will make your ensemble look polished. Velvet products are prone to damage from spilled liquids. If something spills on your gown, use a soapy cloth to gently blot the stain. To prevent permanent damage, ensure that your gown dries quickly. Regular maintenance will require that crushed velvet fabric is hand-washed or taken to a dry cleaner.