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Subtle Ideas For Cannabis Apparel

by Clifford Fowler

Some people would love for their apparel to essentially scream "I love cannabis." Others want to show their appreciation for this plant, but in a more subtle way. For these subtle apparel wearers, t-shirts with weed plants and images of joints on them might be a few steps too far. However, there are a lot of types of apparel you can make and sell that are perfect for these subtler cannabis users.

Shoe Patches

A little cannabis plant on your shoes can be a nice way to subtly show your love for cannabis. You can either sell simple, cloth shoes with little cannabis plants on them, or you can create patches that people can sew onto their own cloth shoes. Cannabis plants are not the only thing you can put on shoes, either! You can also sell little patches that say "420," and some that say common strain names like "Northern Lights" or "Grand Daddy Purple."

Rasta Scrunchies

The Rastafarian Movement is closely tied with cannabis. So, a lot of your more subtle cannabis apparel wearers may want to show off their love for Rasta and their love for cannabis. Scrunchies in that classic, rainbow, Rasta material are a great option for these folks. The multicolored look means they'll match a lot of different outfits, too!

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are sometimes thought of as being a relic of an older generation. But why not bring them back by making some cannabis-positive lapel pins? Your customers can pin one to a jacket or add one to a casual hooded sweatshirt. You can create lapel pins that look like little cannabis plants, some that look like bongs, and some that simply say "cannabis sativa" and "cannabis indica." Try to make the pins in neutral colors so they match more items.


Sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory. They're also an important tool for protecting the eyes. As such, most people need a pair, and those who love cannabis are likely to buy sunglasses with tiny cannabis emblems on them. You can simply put a tiny, little cannabis plant on the side of the frames. Nobody will see it unless they look at it closely.

Cannabis apparel does not all need to be big, bold, and in your face. There are lots of ways to create more subtle apparel that people will still love. Use the ideas above to get started.