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How Mastectomy Bras Can Benefit a Struggling Model

by Clifford Fowler

Breast cancer is a serious problem that can strike women of any age. An unfortunate number of promising models have seen their career put on the back burner when they are forced to get a mastectomy and lose one or more of their breasts. Thankfully, mastectomy bras can help them in this fight.

Models Need a "Perfect" Form

Whether it's fair to young women or not, models in today's society are expected to have perfect bodies. This often requires a flawless chest and ample breasts. For most young models who are making their way in the world, this isn't a problem. Most are already likely to have firm breasts. Unfortunately, for those who have received breast-cancer surgery or a mastectomy, they may lack those breasts.

Sadly this lifesaving procedure could derail a struggling model's career just as it is about to take off. This is particularly true if they had been making their name with underwear ads and can no longer do so without breasts. However, mastectomy bras can do a lot to help these struggling women overcome this problem.

Mastectomy Bras Can Help

A mastectomy bra is built to have special pockets in which a prosthesis can be placed. They are designed to create the illusion of having breasts and to help recreate a woman's form without requiring actual implants. This is a great choice for the woman who either doesn't want to get breast implants or who can't afford them.

For a model, this is a great and relatively inexpensive way to regain their great physique. While it'll be necessary to do only fully clothed shoots with these mastectomy bras, this is a small price to pay. Fully clothed shoots are often preferred by many models due to the classier nature of these types of jobs.

There Are Specific Ways to Wear a Mastectomy Bra

When it comes to wearing a mastectomy bra as a model, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. These mastectomy-bra tips will help make it easier and more comfortable to wear and model with one of these bras.

  • Owning multiple mastectomy bras in multiple sizes can help you adjust to weight loss and gain.
  • Silicone prosthetics are a good investment because they keep their shape better.
  • You can apply to Medicare after a mastectomy to get help paying for the prosthetic devices.
  • You can adjust the shoulder straps so that the weight of the prosthetic devices are comfortable.
  • You should try to walk comfortably with the breasts fully within the pocket to get the look that looks the best.

Models with mastectomy bras can adjust their career and their life to the new realities of wearing one of these devices regularly. These bras can help models get back into step with their career and watch it soar to new heights. Talk to a company such as The Next Step to learn more.